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Arrange your Immigration or Citizenship health examinations with Concierge Medical Services;

Official Panel Physician for Australia, Canada and New Zealand immigration since 2008.

You can Book your examinations online, or call on the numbers provided.

The Department of Immigration may ask you to have health examinations, before they can process your visa application. A list of examinations will be sent to you along with a Health Case Identifier.

This ID number is required to process your electronic Medical (eMedical) examinations, so please have it with you when you come for your medical.

Australia – HAP ID No. / TRN or an Application ID

Canada - IME / UCI/ UMI  (this is generated when we process an UPFRONT MEDICAL)

New Zealand –NZHR /NZER


The Medical Examinations required are:

→ A standard full clinical health check. This is conducted on ALL applicants irrespective of age.

A urine check is also conducted on ALL applicants aged 5 years and above.

→ A chest x-ray.  This is required on ALL applicants 11 years and above

→ A blood examination.


This is required on ALL applicants 15 years and above, and the tests vary based on the type of visa requested and the individual countries.

Australia: HIV

Canada: HIV/ Syphilis test / Creatinine (kidney function test)

New Zealand: Full blood count/ HBA1c (test for Diabetes)/Creatinine/HIV/Hepatitis  test

Additional examinations and/or blood tests may be required based on any pre-existing medical conditions.

My office will be able to advise you further. The cost of each “package” varies according to the examinations required and are payable directly to Concierge Medical Services.

My office accepts cash or card payment.

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